Eat cheeseburgers and lose weight? Yes, it is in fact true! And no I do not work for or get paid to promote any of the major burger chains! Also, unlike other sites, I'm not even trying to sell you anything here! I just want to tell you about my personal diet experiences and the one diet that I have successfully lost the most weight with which I call "The Great American Cheeseburger Diet!"

What exactly is The Cheeseburger Diet?
The Cheeseburger Diet is a themed high protein, low-carb diet which is centered around... drum roll please... eating cheeseburgers! You will follow the basic tenets of most low-carb diets here. You will start out in induction during which you will keep your carbohydrate intake as close to zero as possible and to accomplish this we will consume nothing but the actual 100% pure beef patty topped with cheese and maybe some bacon. As we progress through this diet we will add back in the normal cheeseburger toppings and then most all conceivable salad items followed by some more dairy items and then finally whole grain breads. Yes, you will be eating cheeseburgers throughout this diet and you will lose weight!

What's best about The Cheeseburger Diet?
  • It is very easy to follow.
  • There is nothing to count.
  • There is nothing to measure.
  • You will NEVER be hungry.
  • You get to eat cheeseburgers and lots of them!
  • Yes bacon is an acceptable topping!
  • You can even eat fast food!

A little background

I’ve experimented with a lot of low-carb diets over the years with varying degrees of success until I threw together various ideas and came up with what I call The Cheeseburger Diet! Yes, you do eat cheeseburgers (and pretty much nothing else) and yes you will lose weight by doing this (I lost over 60lbs!) It’s funny to think that the cheeseburger is probably the most maligned and picked on food in America. It is blamed for making us fat and lazy! LOL! But remove that bun and what do you have? You have the most perfect example of the low-carb high protein meal! Don’t believe me? Give it a try for yourself, I have repeated this diet multiple times myself to test its effectiveness and I would love to know how it works for others. I know that you are suspicious after all of the other information available on the web and your questioning why I would have to try this diet multiple times if it works, right? Well let me explain… On this diet that I came up with I do not count anything, I do not count calories, I do not count carbs, I do not count grams of fat or grams of protein. That was what I wanted to get away from. I wanted this diet to be easy and require very little if any thought and analysis. Back to my point, This diet like any other low-carb diet starts out in induction and gradually moves on from there and since I do not count or keep track of anything (other than my own body weight, you should weigh yourself regularly once a week on the same day and time) then in the latter stage of the diet you may gain a few pounds here and there (especially around those pesky holiday seasons) and that is perfectly fine, when you notice that you are gaining weight you just adjust your diet to compensate. If I had strayed and picked up more than a few pounds then I would do a week or two of cheeseburger redux or induction and like magic the weight would drop right off. This last time I actually intentionally went way off of the diet and went back to my old eating habits for over six months. I did this too test my diet once and for all (I needed some weight back if I were to lose it again) I am losing it now by using this diet and yes simply by eating cheeseburgers. I will post my progress as part of this site. Let me reiterate that I did lose over 60 pounds and kept it off for over three years with this diet plan and it is my firm belief that I could keep it off indefinitely.

A Quick Overview

On The Cheeseburger Diet we will start out in the Induction phase which is a very strict form of induction when compared to other so called low-carb diet programs. During Induction you will eat ONLY hamburger or ground beef (30% to 25% fat content) cheese, mayo, mustard and optionally bacon. The aim here is to keep your carbs as close to zero as possible while maintaining the majority of your calorie intake from fat (around 70% give or take), yes I said from fat. This will quickly get you into a ketogenic state and keep you there. The next phase which we call Redux is somewhat like what Atkins would call Induction. For the most part during Redux you will eat hamburger (start switching to a leaner grade of meat like ground chuck here), cheese, mustard, mayo lettuce, dill pickle, onions and tomato. As you progress through Redux you will add more and more salad vegetables as toppings and then as actual side salads to your meal. So you will end up having a delicious cheeseburger (maybe a double?) complete with toppings and a side salad for your normal meals in this phase. The third phase which we call the Core allows us to add buns to our cheeseburgers and in this case the buns as we call them are whole grain, low-carb, high fiber breads, buns, tortillas, wraps etc. In this phase you will be eating cheeseburgers (move on to still leaner beef here like ground round or ground sirloin) complete with all of the toppings on whole grain, low-carb, high fiber ‘buns’ accompanied by a side salad (Sounds pretty appetizing for a diet meal if you ask us!). then in the last phase which we term Paradise, or Cheeseburger Paradise, we re-introduce most fruits, more vegetables and more dairy. So a typical meal might include a bacon cheeseburger with all of the toppings on a whole grain, low-carb, high fiber ‘bun’ a delicious side salad, a bowl of cottage cheese with mixed fruit or berries and maybe a cup of low-carb yogurt. Are you hungry yet?

*Important Note: We start out with a low-carb, high fat content and as we increase our daily carb intake we simultaneously decrease our fat intake by using leaner grades of beef.

OK so enough small talk let’s just explain the diet.
And to do that lets take a look at the diet phase by phase...